• Client: Federal

  • 2014
  • Testing. Inquire about availability.

Flexible fun on the city streets

Cold powder-coated steel? No! This bike rack concept brings a new perspective of fun and excitement to the city streets. Gone is the large steel structure in favour of a flexible, durable rubber. We wanted to explore a way in which we could bring these everyday street objects to life. This concept gives way to many layout and form possibilities for an object that it typically very straightforward. The rack features a steel base for easy anchoring into any surface, consistent with current installation methods. The main body is a durable, UV resistant, strong but still flexible rubber with two internal high-strength steel cables. The cables provide a security measure equal to existing products on the market.

Product phase: Testing.

If you are interested in this product please contact us as we are looking for 10-20 test locations. We want to try different, shapes, colours and materials in different conditions.

Please email hello@thefederal.co